We offer the cheapest 1800 number in Australia

If you are in need of a way to increase inbound calls, V Telecom can provide a solution. Australian 1800 numbers are free for your customers to call from a landline and you can start receiving business calls from as little as $9.99 a month. With our cheap 1800 numbers, you will see your calls increase in no time.

  • The FREE Concept: Customers love the word Toll Free.
  • Reach: One number for millions to reach your business.
  • Simplicity: Of having to advertise One number in print, media and web advertisements.
  • Recall: Customers find it easier to recall your number based on company name and brand.
  • Stay Ahead: of the competition with a 1800 Number.
  • Cost Effective: Range of cost effective plans to choose from for small or high volume users.
  • Routing Feature: Re-route your 1800 number to a designated landline or mobile and experience no downtime
  • Branding: Of your corporate identity across the country.
  • Choose from our Available List of Phonewords and premium numbers
  • Port in your existing 1300 number to avail our premium services
  • Purchase a number from the Government auction site, www.smartnumbers.com.au
  • Connect your 1800 services within 3 to 5 business days
  • Portable: Maintain a single 1800 number for the life of your business
  • Flexible: Routing gives total control over which phone rings based on Time of day and caller location
  • National presence: An essential tool in providing customers with a single point of contact
  • Augment Professional image: Improve your professional image even if you are a sole trader or a start-up company
  • You can transfer your 1300 service to any Australian Carrier by obtaining the following information in completing the Transfer process
  • 1) Existing Carrier Name
  • 2) Wholesale Account Number
1300 Number 1800 Number
The Caller A fixed toll, usually 25c, if calling from a landline. FREE call if calling from a landline.
The Owner 15 Minutes free talk time IF the caller is local & both parties are on landlines. No Free time, all calls charged from the time the call is answered.

This increase can be helped along by the addition of phone words, an application that sees available 1800 numbers replaced with letters in order to spell out your business name or field of expertise. This not only makes your number easier to remember for potential customers, but also acts as a strong marketing tool. 1800 phone numbers work Australia wide, so no matter where you are located people can reach you from all over the country.

At V Telecom, we do not charge a setup fee or flag falls, plus we provide access to FREE Voicemail to Email, making our packages a very economical choice for businesses of all sizes who wish to buy 1800 numbers. We also point the number to your landline or mobile, so there’s no down time if you are transferring your current 1800 numbers.

For small or high volume users there are a range of cost effective plans to choose from, so if you are thinking of getting a 1800 number make sure you call us today to discuss your needs.

What is the difference between copper wire technology and VOIP?

The main difference is the mode of transmission of between a calling point and an answering point.

In copper wire technology, calls are relayed using dedicated copper wire lines which ensure a point-to-
point reliability. In VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), also known as Internet Telephony, the mode of
conveying the call is achieved by converting the analogue sound signals from the caller to digital and
conveying them over the internet and rec-converting them back on the receiving end into sound.

Though generally the difference between VOIP and copper wire is not noticeable, there can be a
disparity in the quality of the service. Though copper wire technology is more expensive, it is also
generally considered more reliable than VOIP and prevents call-drops and time-delay in relaying signals
which are usually associated with VOIP.